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The cast includes numerous distinguished actors, every among an important task, nevertheless the most you are doing, or rather, the absolute most, is actually Jessica Chastain. This girl character, Maya, could be the center regarding the story, she is usually the one that sets that rate regarding the plot. This is certainly feasible, since the evolution of this character parallels that evolution regarding the plot. Then again emphasizing will interpretation concerning Chastain, i have to state, exclusive, it's brilliant acting regarding the younger actress, that yet again renders united states taken aback, just as this girl did this past year in Maids additionally Ladies, using the character which made this girl one Oscar nomination to better Supporting Actress.

The facts of this movie is all about Raj as well as their appreciate of their ailing girl that is enduring heart problems. Following the death of their girl, this person decides to open one hospital without worrying about offering their accurate identity and start to exert effort just as one volunteer of heart patients. The Film directed by Suresh Krishna and it is considered one of the best movies into the reputation for Telugu television channels.

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